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Twinks from belamionline

Thursday, June 14th, 2012









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Joey Visconti for Bel Ami

Thursday, February 9th, 2012















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Jude Carmine from belamionline

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Me fucking my ass

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Dick Dorm

Broke and straight Braden Sean and David

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
I guess it is a sign of our times- I remember when I was were plenty for college kids especially…so today there seems to be a lot of “broke college boys”…and some of them are straight like David Taylor, the new solo from this week’s update on Broke Straight Boys and the first twock we start with- and probably one of my favorite recent BSB’s- Braden !

Braden has become one of my favorites on the site- a real straight dude that has dared to experiment on film, Braden debuted on the site in the beginning of May 2010 and I have liked this guy ever since.
Here is what the site says about his latest scene with a guy named Sean:

Braden and Sean are back in the Broke Straight Boys studio and today, one of these boys is going to get his cherry popped and take his first cock up his ass.

The problem with these two boys is that both are tops; Braden steadfastly refuses to bottom but is happy to top while Sean hasn’t done either with a guy before and is nervous about it hurting.

I told Sean that he would be making $1500 for bottoming while Braden would be getting $1000 and explained what was going to happen with the scene and despite his fears, Sean was soon joking around with Braden, something that helped him relax a little.

I got the boys to stand up and strip off to their underwear. With the porn playing, they both worked on their cocks, getting hard in record time, taking off their undies a few minutes later.

Leaning over, Sean took Braden’s huge cock in his straight boy mouth, alternately licking the shaft and sucking on the head.

Remembering his lessons from previous sessions, Sean gave deep throating a try, choking as the cock hit the back of his throat.

It wasn’t long before Braden was ready to fuck while Sean indicated he was also ready to take it the next level.

Braden, being a smartass, opened up the futon with Sean still on it, prompting Sean to laugh about how strong Braden was. It was good to see that Sean wasn’t letting his nerves get to him too much while both he and Braden got themselves ready.

Braden and Sean had decided they would give doggie style a go first, so they got themselves positioned, Braden telling Sean not to tense up as it would only hurt more.

Braden kept talking to Sean, giving him instructions and helping to position Sean as he slowly thrust into Sean’s virgin ass.

Right away, Sean was in a bit of pain as Braden set a slow but steady rhythm.

Groaning and panting with every thrust of Braden’s dick, Sean concentrated on riding out the discomfort even as he had to get Braden to slow down when Braden ventured to pick up the pace. A minute later and Braden was able to go faster again, all the while Sean was very vocal as his ass got pounded.

When Sean had had enough of doggie, he suggested switching to on his back, Braden quickly agreeing.

Moving into position, Braden slid back into Sean’s ultra tight ass even as he reminded Sean to keep breathing.

This seemed to be an easier position for Sean, however, he was still in some pain even though Braden was able to go harder and faster.

As Sean grabbed onto his own cock and started wanking off, it was obvious that most of the discomfort had gone away as he was also a bit quieter with his moaning even as Braden still rode his ass hard.

Suddenly, Braden sped up, fucking like a jackrabbit until he pulled out, ripped off the condom and jerked off over Sean, cum spilling over onto Sean’s stomach before dribbling down Braden’s hand.

Although Sean was jerking off as well, it was clear he wasn’t going to cum in the next few minutes so I asked him how it had felt, getting fucked for the first time, Sean admitting that it hadn’t been as bad as he had thought it would be even though it had hurt at first.

Still fisting his dick, it was only a few minutes before Sean shot all over his stomach and chest. This is what we like to see on BSB, straight boys taking cock for the first time and Sean did very well indeed. Look out for both Sean and Braden in the future!
To really appreciate Braden you have to go watch this guy in action. This is not one of those gay queens that plays the part of a “straight boy” – he is the real deal and he is my perfect “straight guy”. Way back when I was in high school and collefe my friends and I used enjoy turning the straight boy and Braden is exactly the type I would go after…by the way we had about an 80% success rate at the time LOL!
Here are some more screen shots from Braden’s third scene with Sean (he was in a duo and a trio scene with Sean as well):

This week’s solo debut features a guy named David Taylor.
I like this guy as well. You can tell that he is a real straight guy as well, hungry for some extra cash, but like a lot of alleged 100% hetero guys…there is some bi-curious tendencies in the guy. Another unique thing is that he is married to a woman and his wife is actually turned on by the thought of him being with a guy- some women like that for some reason. I guess it is the same as married men fantasizing about the wife being with another female and having the two of them in bed.
Anyhow here is what the site said about his debut:
David Taylor is the newest straight boy on the futon today at Broke Straight Boys and right away, he is pretty enthusiastic about being at BSB. He found an advert on Craig’s List on the adult side and applied thinking it was for a straight site but once he was informed it was for a gay site, David decided to think about it overnight.

As he is married with two kids, he talked it over with his wife who was quite turned on by the thought of her husband being with other guys.

In the end, he decided that as they needed some extra money, he might as well give it a try.I explained to David that he would only be doing his solo scene today and that he would receive $200 for it.

David, with his dark hair and eyes, stood up and took off his shirt and shorts, revealing a toned and muscular upper body that complimented his 5′ 11″ frame.

As he undressed, he told me that both he and his wife are unemployed which is another reason for doing porn. I got him to turn around and pull down his underwear, flashing his rounded ass cheeks to the BSB members, David telling me that he weighs 155 pounds and that his feet are size nine.

With the straight porn playing, David sat back down on the futon and immediately started playing with his soft cock.

Taking off his undies a moment later, David went right back to tugging on his cock. David reached over for a dollop of lube, rubbing it all over his dick until it was nice and slick against the palm of his hand as he jerked off.

It was obvious that David was quite nervous as he kept glancing at the camera but he still kept pulling on his half hard cock. He started to really get into it; gently thrusting his cock up into his own fist and playing with a nipple every now and again as he panted heavily.

He had such a nice looking cock, I couldn’t help but take it in my hand and have a feel of it myself, giving the hard shaft a couple of strokes. David took control of his cock again and it was clear that he was getting pretty close.

Sure enough, a minute later, he warned me that he was about to cum when a waterfall of cum dribbled down his shaft and in between his fingers. David did such a great job, that I told him I was going to give him $300.

I asked David if he was interested in coming back to BSB and despite sounding a little unsure, he said he would be up for it, so, make sure you keep checking all the updates for the next appearance of David Taylor.

Well if David wants to keep peace in the family and please the wife we just may see him again in a dup scene sucking cock and fucking for the first time.

Until then you all can enjoy his hot solo scene!

Here are some more screen shots for you all to look at:

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Twink Holes

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Jean Daniel Chagal

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Twinks Needing To Be Filled

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Before I go on with this post, which I’m sure leaves nothing

to the imagination of what its about (lol)……..

No-one wants more of a certain model

You are making this too easy!

Anyway, here are a bunch of guys needing their man-hole filled

(with what exactly is up to YOUR imagination)



Dick Dorm

Jamie Paxton Naked and Hard from BelAmi

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Twinks threesome

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Stanlee Hot twink from Enigmatic Boys

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Best Teens From EnigmaticBoys

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