Make him squeal money Preston Andrews

This is probably the worst porn Monday I have had in a long time. Not only are we starting the day off here in San Diego with a blanket of gloomy clouds and drizzle the content on the sites I usually cover is gloomy and quite…how do I say it…about as erotic as watching animals mate at the zoo. There was absolutely nothing that I even wanted to attempt to watch and review today.

But there was a bright spot or two over at Baretwinks. So today let’s catch up on what I missed while I didn’t have access.

That bright spot comes in the form of
Preston Andrews and Keith Conner on BareTwinks. But before I review the scene I want to say a few things about Preston.

Since he appeared on the scene I really have come to like Prseton’s work a lot and as a person he has stayed the same appreciative and humble young man he was when he started.

For me that says a lot about a performer. I am watching a couple, in the past few weeks on Twitter, that have had a personality shift and it is not a pretty and a flattering picture- but that happens.

Someone mediocre gets a bit of bigger studio success and suddenly they get too good to talk to the people that were responsible for paying attention to them when not too many people knew their names.

A mark of a true star is someone who remains humble no matter what and who does not try to emulate other people. I can think of a couple of people in the business that do just that.
Brent Everett certainly comes to mind.

On Twitter I think of Rad Matthews to name just one performer. On a professional level I always see Rad responding to fan tweets about him with sincere gratitude and appreciation- that takes class.

Preston seems like a classy guy as well and has never failed to show gratitude for good reviews and other things related to his career- and he doesn’t present himself like the stereotypical porn twink- drunk and partying all the time and an inflated ego that has no business being inflated in the first place.

I know this bit should be on a “FRIENDS ON FRIDAY” post but since I really have not had in depth convos or a face to face meeting with him yet I have held off doing a post on him on Fridays. But today gave me an opportunity for me to publicly say back to this young man- THANK YOU for being so polite and for being a good example for your fellow twink porn performers.

Now as far as his on screen work goes, and the scene with Keith Conner (another young man who always shows grace and gratitude for good reviews) we get to see Preston stretch his acting wings along with Keith Conner.

In this
scene, “Keith wants a job but Preston has other plans for him. They fuck on the couches, Preston plowing Keith Conner’s tight hole til he screams in

The first thing that got me about this scene is how well both Preston and Keith act. Keith Conner has grown into one hell of a good performer and actor as his career has progressed…at least in my opinion. And Preston does an equally good job at delivering his lines.

This scene is from a couple of months ago and I have to say that this is Keith Conners looking at his best. I love the hair color and the style in this video and it makes him just simply adorable.

Combine that with the sultry Preston Andrews and that dildo-perfect cock and you have one of the hottest and nicest scene I have seen these two guys do.

When I first saw Preston I thought- bottom.

He is an unlikely top type but I tell you what these guys sure does know how to top and in this scene he fucks the shit out of one of the best bottoms in twinkdom..again in my opinion…Keith Conners.

So this scene is a winner on Baretwinks and I encourage you all to give it a look and to give these guys some kudos on their Twitters or blogs.

Here are some more stills from this scene:

Kudos to both these guys- it really was a hot scene.


Bare Twinks

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