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Ayden Troy & Carter Blane

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Last time Carter was with us, he sat back and received some good service. Today he will do all the work on curly-topped Ayden. Both are nervous, but prove more than capable to their appointed tasks.

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Broke Straight Boys – Ayden Troy and Carter Blane

Monday, July 30th, 2012

When we last saw Carter Blane, he was taking it easy as Brandon Hart was servicing his massive tool. Today Carter is on the BSB couch with Ayden Troy.

Exclusive boys from BrokeStraightBoys

Broke Straight Boys – Rocco, CJ and Brett

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Broke Straight Boys has decided to mix it up by getting three hot guys together in one bed; Cj, Rocco and Brett. Leaving the camera running, I told the boys to get themselves hard while I left the room to take care of some business.

Brett gets fucked by Cj and Rocco. Watch how he takes it via Rocco’s special camera work!

Broke Straight Boys has decided to mix it up by getting three hot guys together in one bed; Cj, Rocco and Brett. Leaving the camera running, I told the boys to get themselves hard while I left the room to take care of some business.

Exclusive boys from BrokeStraightBoys

Awesome smockers boys video

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Bohuslav from belamionline

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

2 sweeet twinks fuck raw video

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Dick Dorm

Twink ass banging

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Alright folks…let’s get back on track today with our usual Saturday Helix update.

We start with another scene featuring Felix Russo and Kain Lanning off the forthcoming 8teenboy DVD “TWINK ASS BANGERS“. This will be the fourth scene on the DVD.

Here’s the scene description:

Kain Lanning makes his way through the bottoms in 8teenboy. First stop is the tight hole of cutie Felix who’s more than ready and willing. Kain pulls Russo’s pants half-way off his ass and gives it a good spank before completely going to town on Felix’s naked twink body. Kain with his tight body and hard ass makes his white Andrew Christianson briefs look damn good as he’s sucking Felix’s cock. Kain proves to be a hot power top taking full advantage of Russo’s willing hole. Holding the twinks legs up in the air, he fucks the cum right out of the Latin boy’s bone.

This is a pretty good scene- I especially liked the fact that Kain took a long time, in the film, giving Felix a quite enthusiastic blowjob before he climbed aboard and starting power fucking him. This is probably the best scene I have watched Kain in thus far and I suspect having a scene partner like Felix russo had a lot to do with it.

Time and time again felix has the ability to bring the best out of his scene partners and helps them seem more relaxed in the scene. The ending is a bit odd though. Kain fucks the cum out of Felix but then we fade out and find just Kain on the couch jerking himself off. He cums but Felix is no where to be found!

Many of you have written in and said that you prefer scenes where after the bottom cums the top pulls out and shoots right away. Apparently Kain wasn’t able and wasn’t up to that when they filmed this scene which is really a shame because Kain cumming all over Felix in the end would have been a great finish for an otherwise hot scene!


Next we head over to Fratboy and take a look at another scene from the DVD “Big
Bro, Lil’ Bro
” that I didn’t get to review in previous posts. this one features hot twock Shane Frost with Chris Riverz.

First here is the scene description:

Shane brings Chris Riverz back to his room to take advantage of a young twink .The boys end up grinding into each other’s hips over their jeans with their big cocks nearly breaking through their jeans. Shane Frost gets really turned on by a little over the clothes rubbing and spanking and judging by the size of his boner so does Chris. Shane obviously can’t wait to barry his big bone into Riverz tight boy hole. What follows is a big cock swap suck as the horny hotties suck and swallow each other’s raging hard dicks. Shane gets rough and dirty fingering and eating the twinks smooth ass Rivers then gets a lesson from his big bro on how to take a hard fucking. The scene concludes

Well I guess you will have to go watch the scene to see how it ends!

I can tell you that I enjoyed watching Chris with Shane in this scene. Shane is the ultimate college senior type and compliments boyish Chris nicely in this scene.

If you have watched other scenes on the site featuring Shane Frost you already know that most everything he does is super hot! He is a great performer and one of those butch twock tops that aren’t afraid to rim and blow the bottom.

The rimming action in this scene is incredibly erotic- Shane gets Chris so fired up via the expert tounging of his smooth ass that he welcomes Shanes stiffy up his ass when the fucking begins!

All in all this is probably one of the best scenes on the DVD in my opinion…the only critique I have for Chris is this: If you are going to shave the pubes and ass get rid of the leg hair as well…it just look like you forgot to Nair there and looks odd!


Staying on Fratboy we find my friend Preston Stone with newcomer Noah Brooks and Patrick Kennedy, who always shines brightly in three-way scenes. This will be the first scene on the forthcoming Fratboy DVD “Fratboy Blondes”

Here is the scene description:

Noah Brooks Fratboy initiation is an ass bangin blonde threeway with the adorable Patrick Kennedy, and frisky, pretty boy Preston Stone. Noah slurps up both cocks before the boys pull down his sweats to reveal a nice, hard frat dick. Preston gets penetrated by Patricks fat bone first, who shows Noah how to fuck Fratboy style. Stone then takes a pounding from Noah, and the boys pass Preston’s bubble butt back and forth until there’s not a dry cock in the

This is a really nice scene to showcase noah and both patrick and Shane do an awesome job in the scene as well.

Shane just loves having two big cocks in his mouth at the same time and both Noah and Patrick don’t seem to mind either!

To date this is my favorite Patrick Kennedy scene on Helix and the fratboy line. Patrick really seemed like he was enjoying himself in this scene and no wonder.

Noah is a really handsome and hunky twock and Preston is the perfect Fratboy bottom…watching him reverse cowboy ride Patrick Kennedy was hot indeed and I am not just saying that because I know Preston.

This truly is a great three-way and a scene worth watching on the site!


Before we go today…

Helix has just released a new solos DVD and it has a lot of my favorite performers on it!

Here is the DVD description:

Helix Studios has fostered plenty of frisky twink all-stars, but it all began with their first solo scene. Here we have 8 of our sexiest budding young models, most in front of the camera for the very first time. Watch them stroke themselves to the hot cumshots that made them stars.

Starring: Tommy Anders, Drake Angel, Skyelr Bleu, Chad Fitch, Keith Conner, Wade Christianson, Nathan Stratus and Kevin Kandy

You also know that Helix has released two DVD with the best of his scenes. Absent on those DVD’s was the incredbly hot solo scene Tommy did with a clear Fleshjack.

I was wondering if that beautiful scene would make it on to a DVD and obviously my question has been answered.

I haven’t seen the DVD itself but I have watched all of these scenes (and probably reviewed them on Borderboys as well) on the Helix site.

Each and every scene is a hot one in itself but the must see scene on this DVD- especially if you have a big screen TV is the one with Tommy…

I am sorry but it just doesn’t get any hotter than this in my opinion…I still love this scene even though it was released first in 2009!


Here are some more stills from this scenes I covered today:


Reposted with permission from the author of the sdborderboys blog

College Party Turns Into Orgy

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Dick Dorm

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