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December 19th, 2016

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Two Good to be True

November 30th, 2016

Big dick buddies Corbin Colby and Blake Mitchell are at an outdoor cafe exchanging war stories when they spy Helix cutie Kyle Ross across the street. Having enjoyed his videos on a molecular level it goes without saying the guys are super fans. The dynamic duo invite Kyle to their table and probe the kid with porn questions. Next thing he knows, Kyle is bent over getting probed with more than questions by two of the biggest dicks in the biz! Back arched and open at each end, Kyle’s got his mouth full and the boys take turns tasting his tender young tush. Bare back Blake breaks in the kid’s back door first. As Kyle pulls him closer to get as much of that big dick in as he can we notice Mr. Mitchell has been working out! Lookin’ good Blake! Swapping spit AND positions, Blake and Corbin tag team the twink. Watching Corbin do work is a beautiful sight to behold. He plows Kyle like a lion and the lucky lad loves every long lick. Little Kyle Ross is quite adorable; so tiny, smooth and cute. You wouldn’t think he could fit two of the BIGGEST cocks on our roster in his hole at the same time; but as they say, big things cum in small packages! The boy’s ass is like a magicians hat! Making the scene even more magical, Blake blasts the kid right in the kisser and Corbin helps lap it up! Sensing Kyle is still thirsty, Corbin kindly quenches the kid’s throat with a load of cum. This scene gives you EVERYTHING plus tax!

Two Good to be True Porn Video:

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Czech Straights in Blowjob Action

November 4th, 2016

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