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Sorry for the late start today! We have a lot to cover concerning
Boycrush today and happily it is all good stuff!

First, as many of you all know the new Holloween themed film starring Ryan Conners “nightmare on Twink Street”.
I have been emensely pleased with the past efforts- last year’s Twinkblood was a wonderfully written film and this year my all time favorite Boycrush guy, Angel Kelly wrote the screenplay….so I am looking forward to seeing this film.
On another day I will do a special post about this DVD.
Here is what Andy Kay had to say about it:
Andy Kay (Production Manager) – “This film was a huge challenge for me due to its large cast, complex storyline, and suspense and action sequences which often needed additives like special effects and original music on a much greater scale than normal. Without the amazing performers showcased in this movie, this definitely would not have been possible. Overall, I think our tribute to the slasher movie genre was a huge success and I hope you enjoy watching it.

There was something else Andy Kay said to me in the email. He pointed out that while I have been critical of some of the
Boycrush models I rarely speak of the casting choices of a couple of other studios. I completely understand his point and it is valid so this week I will put my two cents in about other studios as well to be fair.

Boycrush casting has improved and I absolutely love their new model Timo Garrett!

From front to back this guy screams
Boycrush– at least when you think of a classic
Boycrush model type.
In his interview he is charming and seems a bit shy until he gets ready to take off the underwear and starting his wank.
One thing I loved is the fact that finally…and I hope it stays this way…we have a masculine
Boycrush model that is not all shaved down and for me that made Timo’s debut scene even hotter.
This guy is a perfect
Boycrush model in my opinion…cute boyish face, nice bod, fat cock and pubes that make him look like a grownup even though he is just 18. He also is a reminder that twinks don’t always come smooth and don’t have to be to be sexy. Being a bear myself it is nice to see a bear cub on the site- especially if they pair him up with a smooth little twink in the scene- so bravo
I suggest you all keep an eye on Timo…I have a feeling he is going to be popular with the

Here are some more stills from his debut shoot:


Going from bear cub to truly boyish is cute little Roxy Red and he has his interview plus another good scene up on the site.

As long time readers know Roxy is dear to both me and my partner. More than anyone in the industry that we know Roxy has always been a true friend and despite what you see on the surface a heart of gold lives inside this guy.
I am really pleased
Boycrush has used him- especially since they lead the way with interviews.
In the interview you get to see a glimpse of the real Roxy we know and unlike his work at other studios, where he is always paired up you get to see him alone…and for Roxy fans what he does in the wank portion of the interview will surely please you.
One thing about Roxy that I immediately fell in love with was the way he had the ability to make me laugh. It would be something absolutely random and silly- but he would produce a huge belly laugh from me.
Working with Roxy is a laid back experience as well. aaron Tyler, on his X-tube account, had a solo vid I filmed with Roxy (for some reason it is no longer up there- all the videos are down) and even during that shoot he was polite, gentle and just a doll to work with.
So don’t let the exterior facade fool you- Roxy is a good human being and one hell of a sexy power bottom.
Speaking of which, he is in a duo scene with Chad Hollywood…who now has sensible hair and looks way better.
It is a pretty straight up scene but the thing that makes it stand out is how much Chad seems to be into Roxy.
You don’t get the feeling that these two were having sex just because they were paid and cast together. They move in front of the camera beautifully and change a routine sex scene into almost a love making affair.
Chad excels as a top in this scene and like the scene description says “Roxy enjoys every inch of Chad”.
So this week it is a win – win situation at
Boycrush…good models and some hot new scenes plus the soon to be released DVD all add up for a great My
Here are some more stills from this scene:




That is all I have time for today…more next Monday as we play a bit of catch up the next two weeks!

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