My boycrush jordan goes on top

Finally the computer is in working order and we start today with just one scene from Boycrush and a couple from Baretwinks.

I have to say that I am not really that pleased with the casting the past two weeks at Boycrush. There is a new emo-like guy that, in my opinion, has god-awful hair named Nicky Six (right click here and here to see pics) that is about as pleasing to look at as a decapitated person in a car wreck. He has a nice cock (right click here to see pic) but needs to do something with his hair and get himself a chin. And the teeth look like they could rip apart a redwood tree.
I know it seems like I am being harsh but come on let us get real. This boy is not the most attractive piece of fruit to drop off the tree. Seriously just take a minute to look at this picture here and you should be saying “what the fuck” as well.
I like emo twinks…you all know I love my little friend Roxy Red and his work but at least Roxy is attractive and doesn’t have a face that makes you want to gag. Most of you that subscribe to sites do so to see beautiful and sexually attractive twinks, that you may otherwise not get to see in your real life, so you can have your own orgasms. There is another guy named Dean Holland (right click here and here to see pic) looks ok but for me he looks like a clone or at best a relative of Andy Kay.
There is a bright side, at least for me, at Boycrush this week.
There is a hot little scene between two of the better and more Boycrush-like models of late Jordan Ashton and Nathan Stratus.
This scene has a bit of a twist according to the scene description that says, “Jordan switches from his usual bottoming role to give Nathan a pounding of a lifetime. He starts off slow as Nathan begs him not to stop before fucking Nathan’s tight ass like there’s no tomorrow.
I had really been hoping that I would get to see Jordan doing a bit of topping and boy does he do a bang up job plowing Nathan’s cute ass. This definitely is the banner scene this week at Boycrush and despite my personal tastes and dislike for some of the recent models these two twinks definitely stand apart from the rest.
Here are some more stills from this scene:

This week though my favorite updates are on Boycrush’s sister site Baretwinks.
The recent updates are featuring another model that is new on the scene but very likeable named Noah Carlisle.
The first update pairs Noah with the sexy and uber-masculine hot veteran Patrick Kennedy. Like fine wine Patrick’s work gets better and better as he ages so gracefully.
In this scene, “Patrick Kennedy must have been waiting impatiently for Noah Carlisle to arrive because as soon as Noah rings the doorbell he’s grabbed and pulled inside. They don’t waste time talking; Patrick undresses his twink friend and begins sucking him off. It’s Noah who holds onto the bed frame while he gets rammed from behind, hot and bare. When the fucking gets to be too much they both explode with cum all over each other in this delicious bedroom scene.”
The other update pairs Noah with another Borderboys favorite Lexx Jammer.
In this scene, “Lexx Jammer is certainly a sexy top and demonstrates his dominance in this hot scene with Noah Carlisle. Noah is a cute and eager bottom who begins by kissing Lexx all down his chest. It doesn’t take any convincing to get Noah on his knees and deepthroating Lexx’s impressively large cock. From there Lexx is nice and lubed for thrusting into Noah’s willing ass.”
Lexx is looking more masculine than ever in this scene and there is something about Noah that I really like…maybe is the fact that he has the boyish face that is synonymous with many of the Boycrush models of past – either way both of these scenes are definite winners on the Baretwinks website.

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