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Boyfriend fucking

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Dick Dorm

Hazing the military boys

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Those of us that have been to college know that hazing happens- especially if one is trying to get in a Fraternity.

But I always wondered if the same thing happened in the military and at military schools. We always think of our military in the United States as being a bunch of straight rough and tumble guys with women thrown into the mix as well.
Well the webiste
HAZEHIM.COM answered that question and in one of their recent updates they feature military guys.
These scenes are said to be user submitted from different colleges but in one scene I saw Aiden Mychaels…maybe that is where he was before he returned to Helix college. Either way the fantasy is good and most of the scenes do look like real college guys hazing the Freshmen.
And it must be on the level because the page says: “REAL TAPES SENT IN BY REAL COLLEGE STUDENTS. WIN $10,000. SEE YOURSELF HERE OR MAYBE YOUR

In this scene the site
says, “Holy shit we finally got a submission from a military style

These dudes were no joke stripping down their cadets to nothing and making them do embarrassing drills in the middle of the dorm

Imagine having to do squats while chanting and if its done wrong then its a dick in the mouth , one cadet had a smirk on his face while running drills so the brothers had him lay on a bed while the rest of his platoon jerked off and came on

Talk about humiliating and down right nasty lol. These jar head wannabes had to slide down the hallways naked into a pyramid of empty soda cans, grab each others cocks, and do pushups on top of each other. This one is pretty
No kidding!
I watched the whole video and holy M16 this was a hot scene for sure.
Just have a look at these pics…

The latest update on the site features the color RED.
Here is what HazeHim had to say:

Fraternities are always fun. But sometimes you have to do some pretty iffy things to get accepted into the brotherhood.

This week we received a pretty bizarre video from an east coast school.

They had their pledges dress in assless PJs with the words HAZE written on their asses.

These pledges had to suck cock and get stuffed up the butt in order to get accepted into the family.”

All in all not a bad way to be hazed I guess unless you are really a 100% straight dude!
This scene was hot as well and I love the Lava Lamp in their dorm room!
Here are a few more pics for you all:

They offer a great $4,95 Trial as well…so right click the banner below to check that out!

Sex Bathroom

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Friendly fuck video

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Twinks fucking cute ass and sucking cocks

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

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Smooth and skinny 18+ Gay Teen Boys

London boys

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011


Dick Dorm

Carter Nash and Jerry Ford

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Since I first discovered Collegedudes one of my favorite models has been Carter Nash. We start off the new year with a special scene with Carter and Jerry Ford- this one is strictly oral and something different in the Carter Nash library!

Here is what CD’s said about the scene:
Two of our longtime favorite dudes are at it together for the first time in a hot oral

We had been looking forward to getting Carter Nash and Jerry Ford together – they both can be aggressive and sensual in every way, and we expected some fireworks to

Carter starts off by going down on Jerrys thick uncut cock, deep-throating, gagging, and having a lot of fun playing with a hot

Jerry returns the favor and tries to find out how Carters cock feels jammed down the back of his throat – Carter fish-hooks Jerry right before Jerry flips Carter over to get
a taste of his

Each of these studs rim each other before Jerry takes another turn abusing Carters mouth – face-fucking him and getting very worked

When Jerry cannot take it anymore he unloads right into Carters mouth, which gets Carter even more hot and bothered. Carter shoots onto Jerry all over his head, face, and tongue, before these two college studs end with a cum-dripping
It would be a pretty straight forward scene expect for one thing- it features two hot performers and that makes this oral scene extra hot and worth a cumshot or two in my opinion. I really liked this scene a lot when I watched it last night!
Here are some more stills from this scene:

When I did the Collegedudes awards at the end of 2010 I didn’t get a chance to post about this scene with the adorable southern charmer and blue-eyed beauty Ashton Rush.
First let’s see what CD’s said about this

Jarrod Price and Ashton Rush sizzle in this fuck scene. From the very beginning you can tell that Ashton is really into Jarrod, and Ashton is looking to please.

Jarrod of course is his typical self – confident and ready to pound some hole very hard.

Both of these guys start the action with some hot blow jobs.

After Jarrod blows Ashton, he rips his pants right off and Ashton starts riding.

Having a dude sit on him is Jarrods favorite position, and he simply holds Ashton in place and rams his asshole hard.

Ashton is seriously loving it at this point, and just continues loving it as Ashton flips him over and fucks him like a dog, and then rolls him over again and fucks the cum right out of Ashton.

These two young college dudes are great together, and even though Ashton winces a little when Jarrod dumps a huge load on his face, that last kiss of the video is bascially Ashton begging for
One thing I always like about the casting at Collegedudes is the fact that most of the guys that are tops are not afraid to suck cock and eat out ass before they plow cute bottoms like Ashton Rush…and in this case Jarrod proves to be an accomplished cocksucker!
I mentioned here last year that I got the chance to talk with- and stare at Ashton during San Diego Pride last July. Having done that it is no wonder Jarrod seemed to be enjoying doing a little bit of everything with Ashton in this scene!
This scene is another winner in my book and this is a great way to start 2011 at!
Here are some more stills from this scene:

Please do consider supporting sites like COLLEGEDUDES…and again you can do it cheaply with their new $1 trial membership- go have a look and I am sure you will

College Party Turns Into Orgy

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Dick Dorm

My favourite boy

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

The World of Boys

Horny geek jerks it

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Dick Dorm

Jude Carmine from belamionline

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

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